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Quality Management System

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Quality Management System

We are proud of our excellent reputation in the industry and our impressive achievements in delivering reliable products and technologies. We achieve this by using the QMS system for our documentation processes and procedures, as well as a sense of responsibility across the entire team for meeting the principles and objectives of quality.

Our quality management principles:

  • customer focus
  • leadership
  • involvement of people
  • process approach
  • improvement
  • taking decisions based on evidence
  • relationship management

Our Quality Management System is based on the ISO9001 standard and the requirements of customers. These are not just process descriptions, procedures or instructions. The system also relies on all employees working together on the assigned tasks to achieve the intended goals.

Our system guarantees a predictable operation, understandable for every employee, aimed at securing the intended results. It therefore, contributes to the success of our organisation as well as our partners’.


of the first, second and third party

When carrying out regular audits, we focus on three main objectives:

  • Objective 1 – acquaintance with the level of implementation of our processes, which aim to meet the customer’s requirements, ensure a safe workplace and do pose a threat to the environment.
  • Objective 2 – an element of employee development; when carrying out audits, we learn about new requirements and examples of implementation of these requirements.
  • Objective 3 – improving the organisation’s activities through the exchange of experience, sharing knowledge and indicating areas for improvement.

We carry out the following audits:

  • Product audit – assessment of conformity of product parameters with customer requirements; assessment carried out from the customer’s position.
  • System audit – assessment of the compliance of implemented processes in the organisation with specific requirements: management systems (9001, 45001, 14001), corporations, customers, legal, internal organisations, corporate responsibility (WCA).
  • Process audit – based on the requirements of VDA 6.3 (P6 /implementation of the production process); assessment of the compliance of the implemented product manufacturing process with the customer’s requirements.

Measuring Devices Management

With all the key competences in one place, we provide the optimal solution for every application. Our own high-quality measuring device allows us to perform tasks with the highest standards.

The process of managing control and measurement instruments ensures repeatability of the obtained measurement results. Each control and measuring device has an individual marking and documentation specifying its suitability for performing the measurement. Reliable results give us the opportunity to improve the products.

Supplier quality assurance

Ensuring the quality of deliveries is carried out through:

  • acceptance control of the components,
  • approval of components in accordance with the requirements of PPAP/VDA2,
  • complaint proceedings with suppliers based on the 8D methodology,
  • participation of the Supply Quality Assurance team during the implementation phase of new projects (APQP),
  • undertaking out audits at suppliers in accordance with the requirements of VDA 6.3 and internal requirements.

Production process and product inspection

Control of the production process and the product is carried out through:

  • random checks of the process and the product based on applicable requirements, instructions and specifications,
  • control of the production process by control points in the system,
  • strength tests,
  • release of finished products for shipment,
  • analysis of production and technological waste,
  • product audits based on the requirements of VDA 6.5,
  • process audits based on the requirements of VDA 6.3 (P6).

Customer Management

Knowing the customer’s requirements is a key moment in the process, which translates into a mutual benefit – it ensures the success of both our organisation and our partner’s business. 

By verifying and implementing the requirements of our customers, including new or changed expectations, at various stages of our business, we are able to provide them with products in accordance with their expectations.

Working together on technical and organisational solutions, we develop as an organisation, while also supporting the development of our customers.