Battery Management System

Safer, reliable and longer-lasting batteries

World-class technology and solutions are at the heart of our business. Our advanced battery management systems (BMS) provide robust electronic protection, guaranteeing flawless use of the application.

The battery management system is a basic component of a battery pack with multiple cells. It monitors the battery status by measuring and controlling key operating parameters and thus ensuring safety.

Our BMS system incorporates our patented battery management electronics and has four main objectives:

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Protecting cells and battery against damage

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Extending the battery life

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Keeping the battery in a condition where it can meet the requirements of the application

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Providing an interface with the main application

Innovation and technology are our competitive advantage

Our advanced modular BMS platform allows us to operate multiple batteries in a voltage range from 7.2V to 55V (2S-13 (15)S) for a variety of market applications, enabling full integration with customer systems.

We design and build our BMS ourselves, providing full support throughout the project, working closely with local and European certified scientific units and the world’s best manufacturers of electronic components. Thanks to this, we are always ahead and react quickly to changing markets.

Key features of our
Battery Management Systems

Cell balancing

Cells of different capacities can have different voltages – this leads to the need to balance the cells. In a situation where all cells have the same voltage, the cells are balanced. This means that they have the same relative state of charge (SOC). In some cases, the no-load battery voltage is sufficient to calculate the SOC. If at least one cell is not voltage- matched, the package is not balanced and will have a lower capacity. Therefore, balancing of the cells improves the efficiency of the battery pack, extending its service life and protecting the batteries from exceeding the permissible voltages.

Safety protection

One of the basic functions of the BMS system is to provide the necessary monitoring and control to protect cells from ambient or operating conditions beyond tolerance. This is especially important in industrial applications, due to difficult working conditions. Our BMS systems are always designed to resist abuse while meeting customers’ power, energy, operating temperature range and cycle durability needs.

Individual cell monitoring

Constant monitoring of all individual cells ensures that they are protected against damage, for example by excessive or insufficient charge. Thanks to this, their service life is not shortened.

Charging/cycle life

Thanks to the effective control of the operating conditions of the battery pack, the life cycle reaches its maximum level. Battery management system provides an optimal charging algorithm, keeping all cells within the desired operating limits. This limits the life and durability of damage.


Our BMS provides data to the master application to provide the user with more control and all the necessary information, including the remaining capacity (fuel gauge), voltage, temperature, current consumption, warnings and the number of cycles.

Modular BMS architecture

The modular architecture of battery management system provides rapid prototyping, moving projects from concept to production in a very short time. In addition, it enables easy configuration of the system in relation to individual customer needs. It also improves the performance and battery life, ensuring the safe power supply to the application.