We turn the knowledge gained through research and internal development projects into concrete solutions that increase the safety of our batteries

Maciej Kułach Electronics Engineering Leader

In addition to the certificates required by law, we have experience in testing based on industry standards, improving the safety of battery use in a given application. We are able to perform some of the tests in our own laboratory. In other cases, we cooperate with external certification bodies and research centres.

Increasingly, standards require the use of double protections to protect the battery against short-circuit, overcharging and overheating. All protections are tested by us during the project, at the stage of validation and product certification.

The safety of the battery consists of the following aspects:

  • mechanical – not only in the form of a solid external housing, but also all internal structural elements, thanks to which the battery is resistant to vibrations and falls.
  • electrical – implemented by a properly designed BMS and other additional elements: main fuse, fuses on cell connectors, other dedicated solutions.

We carry out cyclical tests during which we pierce cells and batteries to assess which solutions inside the battery limit thermal propagation.