Electronical Design

Battery Management System

The world-class technology and solutions are at the heart of our business. Our advanced battery management systems (BMS) provide robust electronic protection, guaranteeing flawless use of the application. The BMS system is a basic component of a battery pack with multiple cells. It monitors the battery status by measuring and controlling key operating parameters and thus ensuring safety.

battery designing

Mechanical Design

We have a dedicated team of mechanical engineers within the R&D department, which guarantees mechanical design at the highest level – tailored to the customer’s requirements and meeting even the most stringent standards.

The design assumptions are verified at the 3D design stage, during the simulation, during the design tests, then on the product prototypes and finally during the validation and certification.

Properly designed connectors and cell holders guarantee long and trouble-free operation of the battery (an aspect often neglected in the production of low-quality batteries).

The design of individual elements of the battery and the selection of materials both have a great impact on the dissipation of heat from cells or electronics, which is essential in some applications, and also have a positive effect on the life of the cells themselves.

Proper insulation and compensation ensure electrical safety and resistance to vibrations, which translates into longer battery life, especially in applications such as electric bicycles or power tools.

Mechanical durability allows the battery to remain airtight and guarantees resistance to damage, which is an important aspect for the end user. The outer casing is the most basic structural element that protects the battery mechanically and environmentally.