Validation & Testing

We carry out a full range of battery system testing including:

UN 38.3 transport tests

IEC 62133

Periodic tests

Mechanical tests

(IP, lifetime, temperature, fall and drum tests)

Cells tests

Validation tests

We carry out validation tests at specific stages of the project in accordance with the established DVP based on our experience, customer requirements and planned certification. They are carried out in our laboratory or in external research centres. Thanks to this, we are sure that our product will meet the requirements set for it and will successfully pass the certification process.


We cooperate with many external entities in the field of certification, both in Poland and globally. For this reason, we have experience in certifying our products to markets around the world, including certification to IEC and UL standards.

The basic certification is compliance with the standards required by EU directives – most often these will be EMC tests and IEC 62133. The final scope of research can be much wider. It depends on the type of battery, the target markets and the customer’s own requirements, and is determined individually for each project.