EMBS is a true pioneer in the battery market. And since new tougher safety regulations are coming into force as we speak, we are already hard at work on further innovations. It’s so exciting.

Marcin Szlenk General Director

A reinvigorated strategy to drive value creation

Our aspiration to be the most reliable partner of all drives our strategy to create a more sustainable future. And we will achieve this by delivering tailored battery systems to our customers, enabled by our world-class technology and market-leading positions.


Our focus on core competences ensures that our business structure is in line with our strategic ambitions and allows us to maximise group synergies.


We are becoming transparent, increasingly flexible and cost-effective. This means leaner processes, less duplication and clear lines of responsibility. Increasing the speed of decision-making, eliminating duplication and reducing costs will help us to unlock our full business potential.


Our strategy is based on a rigorous performance culture. We are embarking on a transformation programme aimed at strengthening strategy execution, unlocking short-term cost opportunities and strategically positioning us to dynamize growth.

We will strengthen our capacity in two specific ways

  1. Capital project delivery, namely clear governance, accountability and increased capacity which will give us great discipline in capital allocation and significantly improved execution.
  2. Commercial skills, namely strengthening commercial opportunities and synergies between groups, with a strong focus on value creation and more strategic partnerships.

Our goals

1. Customers

Winning new projects by providing our global customers with tailored, reliable and best high-performing battery systems

2. Investments

Delivering innovation and expanding our design and manufacturing capabilities based on our knowledge, acquired experience and available technology

3. People

Achieving an employee engagement rate of >70%

4. Sustainability

Reducing waste from lithium-ion cells and fossil carbon through optimised battery production processes.