Our history



Battery Systems, operating under the AG Ristma brand, produces its first batteries for today’s leading global players.


In just few years, AG Ristma sees potential in the Polish production facility, closes the plant in Asia and moves all production to Gliwice, Poland.

This was a time of expanding production and strengthening cooperation with our customers.


After four years of successful advanced battery systems delivery, our company gains access to new technology and cell research via the acquisition by Axeon UK.

This marks the beginning of extraordinary new investments and deep research. 


Axeon UK is quick to see the growth potential in the Polish facility and decides to relocate its offices in Germany and Switzerland to Gliwice. All key business units are relocated, including procurement, R&D and sales.

It is during this time that Battery Systems achieves a position from which it can help its customers to continue growing.


Thanks to the exceptional quality and performance of the batteries, our reputation grows rapidly.

We join Johnson Matthey Battery Systems, a global leader in sustainable technology, a company with 200 years of tradition and a vision for a cleaner and healthier world, today and for future generations.


New investments and perspectives are emerging, making our company a leading European designer and manufacturer of advanced battery systems.

Rapidly growing volumes and new business require relocation to a new 12,500 sqm plant in Gliwice (KSSE), securing uninterrupted supply for growing market demand.


The 200th anniversary of Johnson Matthey Battery Systems, an impressive milestone in the company’s development that deserves a special celebration. Employees from more than 70 sites around the world come together as one team.


and onwards

Our technology and research address the most significant challenges facing the battery systems market.

We continue to go from strength to strength through new investments, developing new markets where technology matters. We aspire to be the most trustworthy partner and the number one choice for customers with high expectations.