Battery technology has come on leaps and bounds, allowing many traditionally corded machines to untether themselves from the plug.

Garden tools are no exception. The new generation of battery-powered garden tools pack the same performance punch while being lightweight and maneuverable.

Put the gas can down and get ready for a quieter, more eco-friendly gardening experience with these top cordless garden tools.

No more mowing the cord

The latest advances in lithium-ion technology have boosted the power and efficiency of cordless lawn mowers, giving them enough run time for even the biggest lawn.

The neighbors will be happy too: unlike their noisy petrol counterparts, battery-powered lawn mowers are quieter and have zero emissions.

Unleash hidden topiary talent

Keeping hedges and shrubs tidy can seem like a full-time job. Battery-powered hedge trimmers make it easy and convenient to do a quick tidy up and stop your hedges getting out of control.

Without the limits of a corded connection, you’ll be able to tidy up the borders anywhere in your garden. Who knows, with your newfound maneuverability you might even discover a hidden talent for topiary!

Chainsaws that are a cut above

Garden chainsaws have a bad reputation for being unwieldy, noisy machines that pump out gas fumes and are tricky to handle.

Many keen homeowners and professional gardeners have turned to battery-powered chainsaws as a quieter, lightweight, emission-free alternative.

The new 36V systems can even take on the serious garden chopping tasks, powered by either one big battery or two 18V batteries.

Leaf it out

Ditch the motorcycle-meets-angry-blowdryer tones of traditional leaf blowers: modern battery-powered leaf blowers pack just as much punch, but are quieter and less polluting.

With many models featuring variable speed control, they’re perfect for a wide range of garden tidying tasks.

Break new ground

Prepare the soil for planting without the back ache.

Perfect for small- to medium-sized gardens, battery-powered cultivators are a quieter, more lightweight alternative to their noisy corded friends.

Look out for models with adjustable tilling widths and depths for maximum versatility.

Pick a team

If you’re looking to go cordless in your garden, think about investing in one brand rather than lots of different manufacturers.

You’ll save money by avoiding buying new batteries and chargers with each purchase and be able to quickly and easily swap batteries between machines when one runs out.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with the friendly team at EMBS today to find out more about our world-class battery systems and their many different applications.

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